ATA has developed a range of products that not only meets Australian Standards AS/NZ 4858: 2004 but far exceeds the requirements of AS/NZ 4858: 2004

Waterproofing a swimming pools is relatively easy compared to waterproofing a lightweight external deck that is constructed of many different materials that are constantly moving due thermal movement, shock and vibration from the environment and loading. Swimming pools are generally rigid static structures that are not subject to excessive movement whether physical or thermal. Whereas external decks can be
constructed from lightweight flexible materials that are subject to harsh climatic conditions, physical and thermal movement.

In these areas more attention needs to be paid to the joints in the sheets and junctions between walls and floors as well as penetrations through the deck and at all times remembering that the deck will be finished in a ridged tile or stone. In these areas ATA recommends the use of Aqua-Band (rubberised jointing bandage) for all joints and corners and Aqua-Stick 1000 (peel & stick sheet membrane with exceptional
movement capabilities) for the main areas.

Due to the many types of construction methods and budgets not one system or product fits all, ATA has put together a range of products that work as a system but can all so be mixed and matched to suit the individual project requirements.

These products are proven to perform with many years of research and proven jobsite performance and history behind them.

ATA provides custom specifications for all Tile & Stone Installations

Pool, Aqua-Flex WPM C3 installed in an above ground pool

Bathroom, Aqua-Stick 1000 installed in a commercial wet area

ATA is founded on over 40 years of industry knowledge from bathroom installations to demanding projects such as tiled facades, commercial floors and swimming pools.

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Aqua-Flex WPM C3, CSIRO Test Report No. 7911 Class 111. Permanently flexible Premium UV stable liquid applied modified hybrid WPM for swimming pools and all areas where a liquid applied membrane is suitable.


Aqua-Proof C3, liquid applied permanently flexible SBR WPM, BRANDZ Approved for use in New Zealand & Australia in all internal wet areas


Aqua-Stick 1000, peel & stick butyl sheet membrane with exceptional crack bridging capabilities for use on lightweight decks and areas subject to movement, for use as a crack suppression decoupling matt for commercial floors, crack bridging capabilities in excess of 5mm lateral movement


Hydro-Pell, 2 Part Epoxy moisture/vapour block to stop negative hydrostatic pressure. For use as a primer prior to installing a liquid applied membrane in swimming pools and areas subject to rising moisture.


Aqua-Band, rubberised jointing bandage with exception elongation/movement capabilities for use with all liquid applied membranes and Aqua-Stick 1000


Aqua-Band IC & EC, prefabricated internal and external corners, the ultimate protection for all wet area waterproofing


Aqua-Band Collars, Permanently flexible collar system for all size penetrations


Aqua-Stick 80, peel and stick jointing bandage, suitable for bonding directly to stainless steel, compatible with all ATA WPM components


Aqua-Fab, Polyester non-woven reinforcing fabric for general waterproofing


Ultra-Prime, High performance primer for hard to bond to substrates such as laminates, steel, aluminium and pre-sealed cement sheets such as Scyon and Secura underlays

Additional products are available from ATA such as:
Self levelling underlayments, screeds and renders, latex additives, commercial grade tile & stone adhesives as well as grouts and silicones.

Waterproofing products and systems for:
• Swimming Pools
• External Decks
• Lightweight Decks
• Spas & Steam Rooms
• Bathrooms & Shower Blocks

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